I originally came to Adams Collision because my car dealership recommended them as one of the certified auto body shops in town. Now that I've worked with them, I'll be coming to Adams Collision because of the amazing service, not just because my dealer recommended them.

My car was involved in an accident and I was not at fault, which meant I was arguing with the other person's insurance company to get the work completed. Adams Collision had my back at every turn. They were always 5 steps ahead of me, and about 20 steps ahead of the insurance company. At some points, they exchanged nearly daily emails with the adjuster in order to make sure everything was covered. When we started the process, the insurance company wanted to pay $1500 LESS than what was needed. By the end, thanks to Adams Collision's hard work, every last penny was covered.

On top of that, they did a TREMENDOUS job on repairing my car back to its original condition. They took extra care to make sure that the paint matched perfectly (another step the insurance didn't want to cover, but ultimately did) and just absolutely knocked it out of the park cosmetically, and mechanically.

I would go to Adams every day of the year for repairs moving forward.

Oh and the interior of my car was filthy when I dropped it off, but spotless when I picked it up. That is the gold star service they provide!!!

10 out of 10 would recommend!

Megan B.

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Stacy thank your trust in Adams Collision and thanks for taking the time out of your day to let us know how you feel.

Stacey B.

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I am very selective on who i get to do work on my vehicles especially a new truck. The only shop i trust is Adams collision, they did an outstanding job getting my truck fixed and making sure it was fixed right. They went above and beyond and got my truck looking brand new and the whole process was easy and straightforward.

Logan L.

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I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from Adam's Collision. They were efficient, professional and backed me up when insurance tried to put after market parts on my practically brand new vehicle. I got updates regularly on the status of my vehicle. My vehicle looks better then it did before it was wrecked! They detailed it inside and out! I would recommend them to anyone!

Cassie P.

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Worked on many of my vehicles. A wreck is never positive, just lucky if no one is hurt. If you want to make sure your car is repaired to factory standard and you and your family are put back on the road safely be sure to choose a collision center who truly cares about your Saftey and who strives to fight the insurance companies to make sure your car is fixed the right way and not the way the insurance company wants to pay. Thank you for all your help over the years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Cory A.

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Great people and service. Replaced my bedside and color matched my whole truck. Looks great. Fantastic work done!

Hunter M.

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Amazing at what they do, but more importantly, incredibly honest and trustworthy! Highly recommend!

Kristen S.

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They do good, honest work. There's no doubt about it. They'll work with you on your timeline, provide updates as needed, and they're very respectful. I had my own car and my girlfriends go through Adam's at the same time. They both look and drive like new.

Hunter L.

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Just had two 'fixes' from Adams Collision. They did a fantastic job on both and I couldn't have asked for better service.

Charlene T.

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They do things the correct way. You won't leave with a car that breaks down a few weeks later from the same issue you brought it in with.

Misty Z.

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Great work, honest people. They are the only company I trust with my repairs.

Ed W.

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Great work! Great customer service. I had to have a bumper replaced and I'm so extremely happy with the results! Thank y'all for doing such a good job!!

Alice M.

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I purchased my car November 20th, on Dec 8th I hit a deer at 8pm. I was able to drive my car to Adams. I spoke with Boyd the next day. I was hysterical....stressed and completely overwhelmed. They were able to communicate with my insurance company and actually get everything repaired. They even called the insurance company back several times to fight for additional money to repair my vehicle correctly. The entire experience was truly a blessing. At a time where I could not navigate the process for myself, they stepped in and took care of everything. Now my car looks better than when I first drove it off the lot.

Thanks Boyd and Laura and the entire Adams team!!

Tanya P.

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This has been my go-to collision shop for many years. I got to know them very well when my children started driving. They do an absolutely fantastic job. I still bring my cars there now if I have a problem. They accept most all insurance companies. They just flat do a great job.

Mark L.

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Boyd Adams and his team at Adams Collision were outstanding. They explained the process of all required repairs and handled all communication with my insurance carrier to adjust the policy claim amount. And my car was returned looking brand new. I would highly recommend Adams Collision and will use them if needed for future repairs.

Chip M.

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Boyd and his team at Adams Collision are the best! I had someone hit me from behind on the interstate and we had our truck towed to Adams and Boyd took it from there. He made sure that the insurance company took care of our truck and he keep me in the loop the whole time. Him and his team are by far the best I have ever worked with. Thank You Boyd and you have a great team!

Jefffrey H.

Boyd, Haleigh, and the entire team at Adams Collision treated us like we were their only customer. They communicated with us throughout the entire process. Boyd and Haleigh explained everything in great detail and to where we could understand what was going on with our vehicle. I would highly recommend Adams to anyone needing a collision center.

Adam F.

Adams Collision is the best car shop I've ever been to. Boyd and Stacy could not have been more helpful or trustworthy. Would give them 10 stars if I could. I'll be referring everyone to them!

Shout out to BNI for helping me find them!

Christopher V.

It's unfortunate that we all at some point time in need the services of Adams Collision. The fortunate part is that having Adams Collision take care of those needs, relieves any stress and worry about the quality of the repair, the safety of your vehicle after the repair and the knowledge that he will explain all of your choices, what insurance will and will not cover and his opinion on how you should proceed. Very Professional and Exceptional work.

Michele S.

I took my car to Adams Collision for body work after being in a wreck and the work they did was superb. They fixed my car using new factory parts and they're paint work was so good that you could never tell an accident ever happened. I was also really pleased with Mr. Boyd and his staff's customer service. Up front they walked me through what needed to be done and made the whole process of dealing with insurance and repairing my car an absolute breeze. If I ever need more work done, I'll definitely go back to Adams. Thanks guys!

Joshua Y

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Took my in-law's car to freshen it up and get the rust spots off this 2005 Camry. Cleaned the inside clock that could not read very well like new. Saved me a job on my to do list. WOW what a difference. Thanks to the pro team at Adams.

Chris T.

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