Who Performs Tail Light Repair in Baton Rouge, LA?

Who Performs Tail Light Repair in Baton Rouge, LA?

Adams Collision repairs and replaces tail lights on cars and trucks

Tail light repair customers have this experience in Baton Rouge, LA all the time. You're backing out of an unusual parking spot, but you've been doing this for years. You're confident. You look over your shoulder and pull out of the parking spot quickly.

You hear a strange noise. You've struck a low yellow pole with the rear of your car and taken out a tail light.

Adams Collision can help you repair it. We provide tail light repair and tail light replacement services in our auto repair shop in Baton Rouge, LA. Call 225-215-6080 for our assistance.

What will we do for you?

Whether you've backed into an object, been in a collision or simply noticed a tail light dimming over time, you can count on us. Visit us at the first sign of tail light trouble.

When you stop by for tail light repair, we'll restore any light that can be repaired. If your light must be swapped for a fresh one, count on us for tail light replacement. We'll get you back on the road as soon as possible, with all of your lights shining bright.