Do You Have a Damaged Headlight?

Do You Have a Damaged Headlight?

Adams Collision will provide a headlight repair service in Baton Rouge, LA

Is one of your headlights broken or dim? You can count on the headlight repair experts of Adams Collision to repair it in Baton Rouge, LA. We perform headlight repair for common problems like burned-out lights and dulled headlight surfaces as well as more unique issues. If your headlight can't be restored, we'll provide a headlight replacement.

Learn Louisiana's headlight requirements

Did you know that our state requires headlights to be used at certain times? You don't only need to use your headlights when they are absolutely necessary for you to see.

According to our laws, you need to use headlights:

  • In the evening after dusk
  • In the morning before sunrise
  • When you use your windshield wipers

This means that keeping your headlights in good condition is important for drivers in Baton Rouge, LA. If your headlights aren't working, head to our auto repair shop right away for headlight replacement or repair services.